What is Chimney Kitchen?

A Chimney is a structural ventilator that sucks the harmful toxic gas released from the stoves, cookware, and oils. The primary motive of the Chimneys is to remove the poisonous gas and smokes from the kitchen.

Nowadays, the chimney is the most common kitchen appliance used in numerous houses. Moreover, several brands are available in the market that offers you a high-class kitchen chimney.

How kitchen chimney works ?

The kitchen chimney is designed in such a way that the in-build suction of the chimney sucks the harmful smoke, oil droplets, and toxic gas and hands them out of your kitchen.

So Why do you need a chimney?

Nowadays, we treat the kitchen as an experimental lab where we experiment with all-new recipes but have you ever thought about the harmful toxic fumes coming out from the oils, grease, and spices we are using?

The truth is most of the time, we miss this, and later this minor negligence causes serious health issues.

Did you know, as per the World Health Organization (WHO) report, around 3.8 million people have died prematurely from indoor air pollution? In which kitchen is the main culprit.

So, how to tackle this issue, you might ask?

Well, the simple solution is to use a modern chimney in your kitchen that sucks all the smoke and keeps your kitchen smoke-free.