Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney Which is better for Indian Kitchen?

6 Mins read | Updated on April 23, 2022.

Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney, which technologies suit your specific needs?

If you have been reading this article, you are looking to buy a chimney for your kitchen and have been confused by the different options available.

This article tells you everything you need to know about the differences between the baffle and filterless chimneys. 

Moreover, by the end of the article, you can compare the benefits and make an informed choice for sure.

So without any further delay, let’s start.


Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimney - A quick comparison


Baffle Filter

Filterless Chimney

Material Type

Stainless Steel or Aluminium

No Filter

Process of Filtration

Oil Molicules & grease particles stick onto the Baffles or panel

As no filter, their so Smoke and Air Moves Freely, Without Any Blockade

Suitability Type for India cooking



Easiness to maintain

Once in quarter

Once in 6 months

Noise Levels



Overall Performance

A bit costly to maintain 

Maintain cost is less in comparison to Baffle filter

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The company offers easy-to-use, time-saving, and electric-efficient chimneys. These chimneys are perfect for any kitchen with their aesthetic appeal and technical specifications. 

To select the most appropriate one for your home, let’s find a comprehensive review of all the kitchen chimneys in this article.

What are the Differences Between a Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney?

After a quick comparison between a Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney, it’s time to understand their difference in-depth to get a clear idea of which chimney is the best for your cooking style.

Baffle Filter


A baffle filter is a device that has been designed to prevent the flow of air from one area to another.

A baffle filter aims to separate the clean air from the dirty air. Filters are used in chimneys and other devices such as furnaces and boilers.

A baffle filter is typically made from metal or plastic, and it has been designed with a series of slats or louvered blades that help it function properly.

When the dirty air comes into contact with these blades, it will be forced down into the chimney, where it can be vented out of your home.

These filters are also easy to clean because they have a series of slots on their surface that allow you to wipe them off when they get dirty.

Advantage of using Baffle Filter chimney

Best for India cooking food style
Maintainance cost is negligibly
More durable and lasting for years
Value for money

Disadvantage of using Baffle Filter chimney

It costs you a bit high in comparison to Baffle filters
Heavy in comparison to Baffle filters

Top 3 Model of a Baffle Filter

Filterless Chimney


As the name itself suggests, the filterless chimney is a chimney that does not contain any filers and is also known as an auto-clean chimney. The chimneys cost you zero when you compare them with baffle chimneys.

Often, the filters in a typical chimney are clogged by smoke or grease particles, and as a result, they don’t provide enough suction.

Filterless chimneys have eliminated the need for a filter, which leads to cleaner air and more suction. The motor is strategically placed to ensure that the airflow is not impeded.

On the other side, these chimneys are noiseless and give you a soundless cooking environment. However, a filterless chimney is not ideal for Indian kitchens where frying and grilling are done.

Moreover, the filterless chimney price is slightly high than the baffle filter chimneys.

Advantage of using Filterless Chimney

Best for India cooking food style
Maintainance cost is negligibly
More durable and lasting for years
Value for money

Disadvantage of using Filterless Chimney

Costly in comparison to Baffle filters chimneys

Top 3 Model of a Filterless Chimney

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is some frequently asked question about Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney

Yes, The filterless chimney is best to use, and the primary reason is the cost of maintenance is almost zero.

We Indians are known for our spicey spices and oils which we use in our food and for removing the odor and harmful toxic air Baffle filter is best to go with.

The baffle filters are made of Stainless steel, making them long-lasting, durable, and corrosion-resistant.


The baffle filter is less expensive than the filterless one, which also lasts longer. A baffle filter can last up to 10 years, while a filterless one will only last 4 to 5 years at most.

The downside of using a baffle filter is that you have to clean it every year, which can be costly, time-consuming, and laborious for some people—a downside of using the filterless chimney.

Filterless chimneys are a newer technology, but there are drawbacks to this new technology that can be seen.

One drawback is the increased amount of heat and light from the chimney. This can cause problems with the surroundings, such as plants and trees.

The second problem is the increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The third problem is that filterless chimneys do not remove soot and other types of chimneys, which may lead to health risks for those who live in close proximity to them.

The main benefit of filterless chimneys is that they produce fewer pollutants than other types of chimneys, which helps improve air quality in towns or cities with many buildings.

So, I hope you have a clear vision of what you need in this in-depth comparison between filterless chimneys and baffle filter chimneys. If you have a question yet, do ask in the comment section.

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