What is the difference between duct vs ductless chimney?

5 Mins read | Updated on April 24, 2022.

If you are searching for the best chimney to buy, the one common point you might observe is that some chimney features a duct, and some of them are ductless, but what is the difference between a duct Vs Ductless Chimney, you might ask.

I am sure you also have the same query, and that’s why you are reading this article. No worries, you have landed at the correct place.

In this article, I have explained the difference between the Duct Vs Ductless Chimney, and I assure you that by the end of this article, you will have a clear vision of the difference between both types of chimneys.

So without further delay, let’s start. 


Duct Vs Ductless Chimney

Duct Chimneys

Ductless chimneys

High suction capacity

Low suction capacity compare to duct chimney

Silent chimneys

Make more Noise

Remove the smoke and fills fresh air

Remove smoke without clearing complete odor

Consume less space

 Takes a larger space

Installation cost a bit high

Installation cost is less

Low-maintenance cost

High maintenance cost

Less electricity consumption

High electricity consumption

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Duct Vs Ductless Chimney

So, I hope by reading the above points you have a rough idea about the Duct Vs Ductless Chimney. Now moving one step ahead and let’s understand both the chimney and the major difference between them.

What is Duct Chimney?

A Duct or ducted chimney is a complex structured chimney that includes an extra pipe in which one end is connected with the chimney, and the other goes outside the kitchen. These pipes suck all the hot air and smoke from the kitchen and chuck them out from the house. 

As the one portion of the duct is pointing out of the house, it removes a more considerable about of smoke and hot air and makes your kitchen a smoke-free area in a fraction of seconds.


What is Ductless Chimney?

Once you know what a duct chimney is, it is effortless to understand what ductless chimneys are. So If I have to conclude it in one line, then a chimney with no pipe connected to these chimneys is called a ductless chimney.

As the duct chimney has no additional pipe attached to it, that’s cause all the smoke and the hot air these chimneys suck will not entirely go out of the kitchen area. It majorly causes odor in the kitchen.


Duct Vs Ductless Chimney: Which one to buy and why?

Now, after a brief intro, let’s do an in-depth analysis of which kitchen chimney is best to buy and why. To differentiate, I have listed a few parameters so that you will get a clear vision of which chimney is more suitable for your kitchen.

1. Suction capacity

As the duct chimney has a pipe connection with an end outside the house, that’s the reason a duct chimney consumes more smoke and oil molecules than a ductless chimney. 

Moreover, compared to a ductless chimney, a duct chimney doesn’t leave a foul smell of smoke and hot air.

On the other side, as the ductless chimney has no additional pipe connected to that case, less consumption of Suction capacity, and most of the time, you feel the odor in your kitchen area.

So, at the point of Suction capacity, the duct chimney is a clear winner.

2. Performance

The next point that you have to focus on while choosing between duct Vs ductless chimneys is their performance which gives you a clear vision of which chimney is capable for your kitchen.

The first question you should ask yourself is, how much time and how often you are cooking in your kitchen? I know it sounds weird, but the primary reason for asking the question is that it makes your choice a bit easy.

Let me explain it a bit. As you can see in the image, the ductless chimney cannot remove hot air and smokes completely, whereas the duct chimney has no such issue.

So if you are cooking food for a long time or frequently, you must consider a duct chimney over a ductless chimney.

3. Maintenance

The third point you must consider while choosing between the duct and ductless chimneys is their maintenance cost and space consumption.

The duct chimney is easy to clean and maintain. On the other side, a ductless chimney is costly to maintain.

The duct chimney is connected with a pipe that throughout all smokes from your kitchen, making them easy to clean, whereas the duct chimney has no such options.

However, when it comes to installation, a ductless chimney is cheaper than a duct chimney, but again installation is a one-time investment. 

On the other hand, the duct chimney comes with a small setup and is easy to fix in a small kitchen space, whereas the duct chimney is a bit space-consuming, especially if you have a small kitchen space.

A ductless chimney makes wost to install if you have a small spaced kitchen.

4. Cost

There is no massive difference in cost between the duct and ductless chimneys, but you find the major difference between the cost when it comes to the Installation. 

As there is no additional pipe required in the ductless chimney, they are easy to install, and the cost is also cheap.

On the other side, the duct chimney needs additional Installation of pipe, making them a little costly in Installation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It entirely depends on your need. However, I always recommended a duct chimney over ductless.

Yes, the duct only helps you remove all of the smoke and hot air from the kitchen, which a ductless chimney can’t do effectively. 

The standard duct size of a chimney varies between 60 cm to 90 cm.

Yes, you can, but the major disadvantage of using the PVC pipe is durability.


So these are the primary 4 points that make all difference between the Duct Vs Ductless chimney. I personally use a duct chimney, and it does not cost much on maintenance till now and working fine without any additional issues.

However, picking a ductless or duct chimney is entirely your decision, and you can buy them as per your need.

I hope this article helps you to pick the best for your kitchen. I have also posted an article where I have shared the 7 ultimate tips to choose the best chimney for your chimney.