How Much Power Consumption of Chimney

How Much Power Consumption of Chimney - A Complete Guide

4 Mins read | Updated on September 28, 2022.

If you are worried about the Power Consumption of Chimney? If you have no idea how much power a kitchen chimney consumes, this guide is for you.

In this in-depth guide, I will help you with all the information related to electric consumption by a kitchen chimney, along with the factor that affects the power consumption and how you can easily calculate the power consumption of a kitchen chimney by following some simple steps.

So are you ready to dive into the topic? If yes, then let’s get started.


How Much does A Kitchen Chimney consume Electricity?

In India, the average power consumption of a kitchen chimney is around 150 to 200 watts. However, it might vary depending on the chimney’s features and how you use them in your kitchen.

Additionally, the power consumption of a kitchen chimney also depends on the brand of chimney you are using. That’s why buying a branded chimney is always recommended.

On the other side, the average use time and the time the chimney was powered on also play an important role in power consumption.

Yes, you read it right. If your chimney is just powered on, that also consumes the electricity as the indicators, and the bulbs are the variables that consume the electricity. 

Factors affecting chimney power consumption?

Multiple factors affect chimney power consumption, such as the size and shape of a kitchen chimney. A straight chimney consumes more power, whereas a curved or angular chimney consumes less power.

On the other side, the features of the chimney also affect the chimney’s power consumption. If you have an auto-clean chimney, the power consumption will undoubtedly be higher than a chimney that does not have an auto-clean feature.

Additionally, the use of the burner stove also affects the chimney’s power consumption. As much as the burner stoves you are using; there is much more electricity consumption.

Kitchen Chimney power consumption per hour

Calculating the kitchen chimney power consumption per hour is simple and can be calculated with minimum effort.

However, before calculating the chimney power consumption per hour, you have to check the various factors about the chimney, which I explained in the above section.

What is the size of the chimney you are using, the types of chimney you have, the types of fuel burner you are using, the features of that chimney, and how many you are using?

So, calculating the actual power consumption of the chimney is a bit difficult. However, we can find the estimated consumption per hour of the chimney by a simple calculation. 

Assume you have a chimney that consumes 140W of power, and you are running it for 4 hrs a day which concludes 140W*4hrs/24 (Hrs a day) = 23.3 w or 0.023Kw in total.

Now assume the cost per unit of electricity is Rs 5, then the cost per hr your chimney consumes electricity is 0.023*5= Rs 0.115/per hr and Rs 2.76 per day.

Kitchen Chimney power consumption details

  • Motor Features: Regular-Chimney motors take on an average of 150 to 200 watts, depending on the suction power.
  • In-build LED lights: 25 to 50 watts * Depending on the chimney’s number of led lights. ( In general, most of the chimney brands offer 2 lights )
  • Auto Clean Features: 80 to 100 watts * while using the Auto Clean feature. However, the auto-clean feature is not available in each of the chimneys.

How to calculate the cost of using chimneys?

Well, calculating the cost of using chimneys is simple and can be easily calculated with an example. 

So assume your chimney is 180 watts and running 4 hours daily. Then, the daily power consumption of the chimney will be 180W*4 = 720W.

Now to get your monthly power consumption multiply the daily consumption, which is 720 W, by 30 (days).

So your monthly power consumption of a chimney is 720W*30 = 21600 W/per month. 

Converting 21600 watts to KW: 21600 watts / 1000 (As 1000 watts = 1KW). So, your monthly consumption in KW is = 21.6KW

Once you have the monthly power consumption, multiply it with the electric cost per unit. In India, electricity per unit costs vary from Rs 4 to Rs 6. So, for easy calculation, we consider the amount RS 5.

Then it concludes the average cost of power consumption of the chimney in India is 21.6KW* 5= Rs 108/month.

Kitchen Chimney Power Consumption With Auto Clean

Undoubtedly an auto-clean feature is one of the most prominent features that help you clean the kitchen quickly and reduce the cleaning cost. However, when it comes to power consumption, the chimney with auto-clean features consumes 10 to 15% more electricity than a standard chimney. 

So if a standard chimney consumes 100 to 150watt of electricity, then an auto-clean feature chimney will consume around 120watt to 200 watts of electricity. 

Moreover, besides the auto-clean feature, several other features consume more electricity, which I already explained in the above section. If you are a newbie, you must read our in-depth guide on choosing a perfect chimney for your kitchen.

Duct vs ductless: which one consumes more power?

A Duct chimney has a long pipe that removes all smoke from your kitchen effortlessly and with minimal effort. In contrast, a Non-Duct chimney comes without any pipe, increasing the effort to air in and out, causing more energy consumption. 

So if you have not yet purchased a chimney, then I recommend you to read the complete difference between a Duct Vs Ductless chimney.

Power Consumption of Chimney FAQs

Well, there is no specific answer to this question as chimney electricity consumption depends on various factors like the time of using the chimney, shape, size, model, brands, and features.

A 5 amps socket that is placed at the height of 7 feet is required for the chimney

It depends on your requirements. A chimney comes with various features, including suction power that removes the smoke from the kitchen, features like auto clean that eliminates the oil molecules stuck on the chimney, led bulbs that help you to cook in a low lighting environment, and much more. On the other side, an exhaust fan only allows you to clean the smoke in your kitchen. So if you are looking for an intelligent kitchen, the chimney is farther than the exhaust fan.

The suction capacity varies from model to model. Where the minimum suction capacity of a chimney is 400 m3/hrs and the maximum is 1,600 m3/hr


Power consumption by the chimney is one of the most common queries among chimney owners, and in this article, I tried to cover all the information you must know as a Chimney owner.

However, if you have any other questions related to the topic then please ask in the comment section. We loved to answer them

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